Sharing our Reading with the World

Have you read something you want to tell us about?  Found a book you really loved?  Found one that kind of wasted your time?

Hope you will be able to join us Saturday, Oct 20 at 10:30 at the library for some delicious local bagels and a chat but if you can’t come, please reply to the blog and let us know what you are reading.

Comments on: "Only a couple weeks left before our first sharing session on Oct 20" (2)

  1. Sally Thurston said:

    Inspired by this blog, I tried a new (to me) mystery series by Colin Cotterill. It is supposed to be witty, engaging and charming, but mostly I couldn’t stick with it long enough to care. The main character in the series is Jimm Juree and it’s set in Thailand (Killed at the Whim of a Hat). Can anyone tell me that I should have tried a little longer?? This may be a case of a bad audio rendition of a decent book and being too tired to be fully engaged.

    • I have read this and enjoyed it – think of it a bit like The Number 1 Detective Agency series. I did read one in the series – Anarchy and Old Dogs that seemed to be mostly about the two old men getting drunk – this isn’t a series I would seek out but think if I was an on airplane and needed distraction, it would be fine (except for the one above).

      Dottie MacKeen

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