Have you succumbed to the wave of Scandinavian thriller authors in the wake of The Girl Who…. books?

If so, you might want to check out this author.
Now that Chief Inspector van Veeteren has retired, forsaking the cop’s life for that of a bookseller, Intendent Münster must step up to the plate in Håkan Nesser’sMünster’s Case. Nevertheless, Münster still consults his longtime mentor on hard cases, and the murder of septuagenarian Waldemar Leverkuhn looks like it will be a doozy. Leverkuhn was one of four friends who invested in a lotto ticket that hit big. By the end of their evening of celebration, one has been brutally murdered; another has gone missing. In short order, Leverkuhn’s nosy neighbor joins the ranks of the absent as well, at least until bagged pieces of her body begin to show up in the city park. Van Veeteren plays second fiddle this time around—the sixth in Nesser’s series—but he plays it like Stephane Grappelli. Münster’s Case is sure to be a hit with fans of Scandinavian suspense, as well as those who enjoy a first-rate police procedural. Note: Münster’s Case was released in Sweden back in 1998, although it speaks well of Nesser’s skills that the book does not seem dated, except perhaps in terms of up-to-the-minute police gear.


What I am Reading Now

Currently reading a Martin Cruz Smith book Polar Star set during the cold war period on a Soviet fishing factory ship.  He is a terrific writer and you will feel like you are there (and you’ll cringe).  Would call this one a literary mystery.  It is a sequel to his earlier Gorky Park (both written in the 80’s).


Some books you might want to consider for October

1.  Craig Johnson’s Longmire series – they are the basis of the A&E series that ran this summer.  Longmire is a sheriff in Wyoming.  The first book in the series of 8 is The Cold Dish.

2. Canadian author Louise Penny has a series set that features Chief Insp Armand Gamache and most take place in a mythical town with the world’s best B&B.  First in the series is Still Life and they do progress a bit in order.  Penny has won every award given to traditional mysteries with this series, many of them several times.  Latest title is The Beautiful Mystery due out in late August.

The bagels and books challenge

This blog is from the Friends of the Maynard Library to support a new program we are starting that is called Bagels and Books.  The program is very simple.  Every month we will select a category/subject/topic and we challenge you to read a book that fits the choice – even very loosely.  Once a month on a Saturday morning we’ll gather to share what we have been reading and enjoy some locally baked delicious bagels.

Like to participate but can’t make a Saturday in Maynard – that’s why we have the blog.  Anyone can comment on what they are reading – even those who plan to come eat bagels.

The program starts in October and we are starting with a really easy category – mysteries and thrillers (which seems appropriate since October does have Halloween) and there are thousands of choices in this category.

But to help you, we’ll have some suggestions in a later blog and we’ll have a display at the library.  Date of the bagels and chat to be posted later.

Why would you want to do this?  Well – there are the bagels but it is always fun to read outside your comfort zone and see what you may have been missing.  We’ll post all the titles being read so you can get some great reading suggestions.