What format does your reading take?

Are a person who needs to have a book in your hands?  Are you an e-reader?  Do you really prefer to listen to your books so you can enjoy the voices of the characters?  

What makes a story really grab you – and does it matter what the format is?

2 thoughts on “What format does your reading take?

  1. OK – the real answer for me is that the story is everything but I do find when I am listening to a book my mind wanders and I miss important points that I would have picked up when I was reading. I do have a NOOK and they are fabulous for travel – dozens of book in your hand – room to actually pack clothes and when I want a book right this minute, it is really easy (much much too easy) to buy one and have it in seconds. But I still prefer books – even the heavy hardcovers that hurt my nose when I fall asleep reading them and they land on my face.

  2. I “read” almost always by audio, which is great if you’re on a long car trip by yourself or doing something like weeding in the yard. Some books are tremendously enhanced by audio, whether with a really good reader, an appropriate accent or multiple voices. Guernsey Literary Society had excellent narration, with each corresondent in a different voice. George Guidall does a fabulous job with the Walt Longmire series (Craig Johnson). BUT a bad narrator kills event a great story (e.g., Barbara Kingsolver, whose books I love–she should NOT do narration!) I think more authors should take more care with this aspect of publication.

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