Subjects for the rest of the year

We define the year ending in June – but for those who like to read ahead – here are the subjects coming up

January – The long winter nights lend themselves to introspective reading.  Choose a classic – any classic.

February – Valentine’s Day means we need to read a romance.  Do you like yours subtle or steamy?

March – It’s OSCAR time.  Choose a book that’s been made into a movie and then – perhaps – watch the movie and decide if they did it right.

April – April is poetry month.  Choose a favorite poet, a collection of poetry or whatever brings poetry to your mind.

May – Spring is here and we need to appreciate nature.  What kind of book does that for you?  A gardening book, a novel, a book about really cute animals?

June – Ends our first challenge.   Time to think about summer travel – actual or armchair.  Choose a book that takes you away and join us for a light lunch to celebrate your achievement.

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