Possible Selections for November – March discussions


to get you thinking about what you would like to read, I am posting some possible choices.  We can continue to read by subject/topic or we mentioned possibly reading by geography.  Here are some possibilities for each of these.


Biographies    Science    Science Fiction    War    Exploration/Adventure    Sports    Classics    Nature    Award Winners    Politics    Health/Medicine    Families


Great Britain    Canada    Africa    Eastern Europe    Scandinavia    Middle East    South America    China    Japan    Russia    France    Germany

Open to other possibilities on categories or on specific choices.  How about some feedback?  I would remind you that given the readership of this blog, there is a high degree of likelihood that your suggestion will be chosen.

One thought on “Possible Selections for November – March discussions

  1. I love the idea of reading by topics, and given our small numbers, that might be the better plan, giving us wider choices each month. However, I also think the country choices would probably make us read farther afield, take us out of our usual reading habits.

    If we only need 8 topics (Oct. to May), we could combine some of the above, e.g.
    biographies, science/nature, war/politics, exploration/adventure, sports, classics, award winners, health/medicine, families. Oops, that’s 9 – have to delete one. Maybe leave award winners till last to see if we meet in June or save it for the kick-off next year??

    For countries, e.g. Great Britain/Canada, Africa, Eastern Europe/Russia, Scandinavia, Middle East, South America, China/Japan, Western Europe. Add India somewhere?


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