Several well-known authors have new books coming out or just released.

Andre Dubus III has a well reviewed collection of short stories called Dirty Love.  Bonus is that he’ll be back at the Library – check out the website site for date and details.

For mystery lovers – Julia Spencer-Fleming has just released #8 in her series entitled Through the Evil Days and Elizabeth George has her latest – Just One Evil Act – evil apparently being big this fall.  And if you like them dark – check out Police by Jo Nesbo.

People who loved Donna Tartt’s earlier work The Secret History have a new one this year – The Gold Finch described as a story of loss and obsession, survival and self invention and the enormous power of art.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the best seller Eat Pray Love has a novel out  – The Signature of All Things – highly recommended by a Bagels and Books member.

If A Time to Kill is your favorite John Grisham (it’s mine) you’ll be excited to hear that he has a sequel – Sycamore Row.

If your choice is non-fiction, you might want to check out David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell in which he looks at how we think about obstacles and disadvantages and offers a new interpretation of what it means to be discriminated against or cope with a disability or lose a parent or attend a mediocre school or suffer from any number of other apparent setbacks.


Getting ready for November

When we meet on Saturday, November 23 we’ll be talking about books that you have loved to give, books that you are thinking about giving and books that you hope someone will give you. So – books for everyone on your gift lists. Since Hanukkah is early this year, we’ll be posting some suggestions on […]


Just a few of us.  It was suggested that perhaps we didn’t do enough publicity so people didn’t know about it.  Since the other possibility is that no one is interested  I guess we’ll go with that and try to improve publicity before the next meeting on November 23 (4th Saturday).  We’ll be talking about books that make great gifts.  Will be very short notice for Hanukkah so we’ll post some suggestions on the BLOG before the meeting.

So far we are planning to talk about mysteries in December, history in January and Non-fiction in February.  Will wait to do more planning until more people have time to provide some input.



Just a couple weeks before we resume the Saturday morning Bagels and Books.  Starting our discussions with books that “take you away”   We are calling them travel books but we aren’t thinking about guide books (although you could read one of those as well).  We are looking at books that give you a sense of a place or time you haven’t been to – or have been to and loved.


Hope to see you there.

Really nothing to do with Bagels and Books but I just wanted to share it

Julia Spencer Fleming is one of my favorite mystery authors and I found this on a blog where she was talking about how to keep a series fresh (she just released her 8th book in her series)

Write about issues that genuinely interest you. I tend to write about literal issues: migrant workers, vaccination, corporate malfeasance. It takes me a year (or longer!) to write a book (sorry, everybody) so I need to find what I’m writing about compelling. However, a story doesn’t have to be ripped from the headline, to quote L&O. In Through the Evil Days the issue is how to deal with a surprise pregnancy, and, more deeply, what people will and won’t do for their children. Of course, I’m getting older, so look for my eventual novel based on a scathing denunciation of Denny’s Senior Special.

And should you want to check out her books,  the first one is In the Bleak Midwinter and the most recent is Through the Evil Days.