Have you started reading mysteries yet?

Nothing like a big meal to send me to the couch with a book so post-Thanksgiving is great reading time.  I found a new mystery/thriller author – turns out to be local – named Leonard Rosen.  His first book was All Cry Chaos which introduced his character Henri Poincare, an interpol agent near the end of his career.  Described as a thinking man’s mystery (well – woman too) and a thrilling ride, this is a book that usually winds up in the category of literary thriller.  His most recent title is The Tenth Witness which is a prequel to the first book and tells you how Henri came to be an interpol agent.  I enjoyed it very much – themes  include loyalty, racial hatred and the legacy of war (in this case WWII and the Nazi concentration camps)



4 thoughts on “Have you started reading mysteries yet?

  1. Decided to wander a bit further afield in mystery-land than usual and read the latest from Preston & Child, a team composed of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. They are NYT best sellers but I have always classified them in the Stephen King category with more horror than mystery. However, they do have a series featuring possibly the strangest FBI agent in history – A.X.L. Pendergast – and this one – White Fire – manages to combine the wealthiest city in the US with a lost Sherlock Holmes manuscript, an arsonist and an ancient mystery and possibly the dumbest female protagonist I have read in a long time in the “doing stupid dangerous things she has been told not to do” category. Must say it held my attention but is one of those that you don’t want to think logically about when you have finished reading it.

  2. As much fun as it is to find a new author, it’s also fun to revisit an old favorite – which is what I am doing now with The Black Box by Michael Connelly which is a Harry Bosch that has him working a cold case on a murder that happened 20 years before when LA was in the middle of race riots.

    • Finished The Black Box with a bit of dissatisfaction. Interesting story but at the end Harry is in what seems an impossible situation and SUDDENLY someone inexplicably appears to rescue him. And the author never explains why that person would have been there. Felt very Deus ex machine (ok that last e is supposed to be an a but the computer keeps changing it) which is a long standing literary device but I expect better from Connelly.

  3. Just read The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Gailbreath (who we now know is J. K. Rowling) and quite enjoyed it. Thought at the end that she had set it up nicely to be a series and then see that on Goodreads it is listed as Cormoran Strike#1 so clearly that was her intent.

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