this is today’s rant

I am not sure what the rationale is but quite frequently when a book is coming out in paperback, all the copies of the hardcover are pulled from bookstores.  I assume they think no one will buy the hardcover when paper is available – which might be true.  But here’s the rant – they pull the hardcovers BEFORE they publish the paperback – sometimes weeks before so effectively the book is only available as an E-book for quite some time.  It was especially noticeable this week when local mystery writer Hank Phillippi Ryan won the Agatha for her book The Wrong Girl.  The Agatha is a fairly prestigious fan award and you would normally expect a sales bump BUT they have pulled the hardcovers and the paperback won’t be out until July.

OK – I’m done.

One thought on “this is today’s rant

  1. Very frustrating, and so stupid from a consumer’s point of view! And The Wrong Girl is definitely worth finding and reading.
    As an aside, Hank will be at the Stow library this summer. I’ll post the date when I find out the details.

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