QUESTION: How much attention do you pay to the back cover of a book you are thinking about buying

Do you place any reliance on author blurbs – on comparisons to other books – on quotes from reviews?

OK – so I am really ticked because I bought a book based on an author comment that it was similar to a book I really loved. Well – it was nothing like that book and I was really annoyed.

Now this is all my own fault because the person making that comment/recommendation is an author I won’t read so why – you might ask – would I pay any attention to his recommendations. Good question.

But I still wonder if I am the only one so susceptible or if you all have better sense and actually sit and read a chapter before you whip out the credit card.


Lots of newspapers, radio shows, etc, put out their summer reading lists but a book you really enjoy reading may not be the best book for a discussion. So I am always interested when the Indie book store group puts out its list of books especially recommended for reading group discussions. And I was particularly pleased because #1 on their list is a book I really liked – Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger. Check out the website for all the lists – separated into several categories to help you decide what kind of reading you want to do.