JANUARY 17 – we’ll be talking about new books that you have really enjoyed – ones published in 2014 or perhaps 2013 but pretty recent.  Obviously since we are just looking at publication date any category of book will be acceptable.

FEBRUARY 21 – classics  – an opportunity to re-read old favorites or check out that book you’ve always meant to read. Again – except that the book needs to have withstood the test of time there are no category restrictions.

Thought that looking at new books and old books in subsequent months would give us an opportunity to think (and talk) about the differences/similarities in writing over time.

We have a meeting scheduled for March 21 – no subject scheduled – this is an opportunity to let me know what you’d like to read –

Possibilities are endless but might include books made into films or TV shows, science fiction/fantasy, books by non-American authors, YA titles, bibliographies, books with a science background, short stories, graphic novels, historical fiction … and the list goes on and on.

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