Doing any serious reading?

not sure what serious reading might be for you – big books?  lots of reading hours?

I read a review saying that the first book in Jane Smiley’s 100 year trilogy was great for book groups so when I was at the library and saw a new book by her on the new book shelf I immediately picked it up.  Started reading it and discovered that I was in book 2 and the cast of characters is so large that I decided I really needed to start at the beginning so went back and got the first book – Some Luck – and read it before coming back to Early Warning which is the latest out.

I liked them both – Early Warning more because I think I was more familiar with the characters – and this is a book where you need to refer frequently to the genealogy list at the beginning – and because she had hit the era that was more familiar to me.  So my serious reading is nearly 1000 pages of Jane Smiley but enjoyable and recommended.

Now I have to wait until she finishes writing the last one to see where she takes this large family that starts on a farm in Iowa.