but we are thinking about the fall.  We are going to try one more change to see if we can attract a few more people to this group.  The change will be a move to a weekday afternoon – early afternoon.  I am waiting for response on room availability to give you a definite day and time.

So – what is this group?  It’s a reading group for people who 1) already know what they want to read and would like to make sure everyone else gets to enjoy great books and 2) like to read but aren’t sure what they will enjoy.

We select a subject, place, or time and everyone reads whatever they want around those topics (and we provide some suggestions).  At the end of the discussion, everyone should have a list of books that have been either recommended – or equally important – NOT recommended.

We’ll continue to call it Bagels and Books because I can only deal with so much change but since it will be afternoon it might more likely be tea and cookies (possibly even sympathy).

Hope you’ll think about joining us – like all our events at the library it’s free and you are welcome to come when it’s convenient – long-term commitment not required.  And the blog is always available if you like to read but just can’t make a meeting but would still like to tell us about your books.

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