We are meeting this Tuesday at 2:30 and we’ll be talking about books from the US South (subjects, authors, etc).  We have added a section to the on-going sale shelf opposite the elevator for books that fit the Bagels and Books subjects.  There are a number of books for October (look on the bottom shelf at the right).

Talking to people at the book sale, we decided to choose a November location and pull some books for that area – IRELAND IT IS and those books will be added to the selection area on Tuesday after our discussion.

HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US – if you haven’t read books to mention come anyway – you’re sure to go home with some good suggestions.


  1. I can’t attend B&B this month, but I wanted to recommend The Water is Wide by Pat Conroy, a Southern writer whose other books I’ve enjoyed. It’s the story of a year the young Conroy spent teaching in a small school on the island of Yamacraw Island just off the coast of South Carolina in 1968-69. His students, all black, had always been shuffled to the sidelines of the educational system, and were practically illiterate as well as ignorant of the larger world, whether geography, political events (Vietnam, the name of the current president, etc.), or American culture. Most had never been off the island. How Conroy wins them over, expands their world and teaches them is inspiring. In the course of the year, he alienates his superiors in the administration, who bend over backwards to undermine his efforts and cut short his tenure as teacher there. (Written in 1972, under 300 pages – a quick read, but a worthwhile one!)

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