Making progress on my Feb reading

Finished The Keeper of Lost Causes by Jussi Adler-Olsen and liked it enough to ask for the second in the series from the library – mostly because I want to see what happens to one of the characters – this is the first in a series featuring a detective who is effectively moved out of his department to get rid of him and into a newly created dept of cold cases – and of course he manages to embarrass everyone by solving an important one.  Author is from Denmark.


Starting Independent People by Halldor Laxness – the only Icelandic author to win a Nobel prize and find it very engrossing so far – kind of like listening to a good storyteller.  Connie loaned me a book on Iceland that has some nice photos that make a good companion piece.  Glad this was recommended.


Hope you are finding something interesting.


One thought on “Making progress on my Feb reading

  1. Finished reading the second in the Jussi Adler-Olsen series – The Absent One. Was a fairly unlikely story about a gang of perverted rich kids who become perverted adults but I really like the main detective character Carl, his assistant Assad and his new secretary Rose. In some ways the book reminds me of Jo Nesbo’s writing but his character is a bit less tough – particularly in his private life.

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