Me Again

For me,  the next best thing to hearing an author talk about their work is reading comments from authors about their work.  There are a number of authors who have blogs and there are groups of authors who share blogs.  Because I am a mystery fan two of my favorites of these are Maine Crime Writers  and Jungle Red Writers.

This morning Katherine Hall Page writes about her new book which takes her characters to a new location on Maine Crime Writers.


And by coincidence (or not) Katherine is also heavily mentioned as the editor of a short short anthology Malice Domestic: Murder Most Conventional on Jungle Red Writers today. Malice is the annual conference that honors and celebrates the authors of traditional mysteries (sometimes called cozies but Katherine doesn’t approve of that designation)

And I should be clear – frequently the authors contributing to these blogs aren’t writing about their books – they are sharing recipes, wondering what kind of hat everyone wears, fussing about the publishing business or sharing happy news.  But they are interesting people – which no doubt makes their books interesting.


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