Looks like I might be missing something

I haven’t read or watched Orange is the new Black but there was a buzzfeed posting today listing all the books mentioned in one year of the series – it’s a long post but if you want to check it out – here’s the link


I am going to have to watch at least an episode or two – they seem to be picking up the literary legacy of The Gilmore Girls – which wouldn’t have occurred to me.

Summer Reading Lists



The Sunday Globe today (6/26) has its summer reading list with suggestions from their critics – including Hallie Ephron and Bill Littlefield who have been guests at the Library.  I am always torn between being excited that there are so many excellent books I haven’t read and discouraged that there are so many excellent books I haven’t read.  In this case there are some oldies and still very goodies on the lists.

To check out the list for your encouragement or discouragement



I think we read for lots of reasons and I have read several books lately that have taught me things I didn’t know but occasionally I just like to read for pleasure – or sometimes just to pass the time when I am stuck with nothing else to do – hence the airplane comment.

So for me an airplane book is one that is pleasant enough to read so that it distracts me from being cramped in a small seat with someone snoring to my left but doesn’t require me to do any serious thinking and probably not much checking of words that I don’t know.

And when I am done, if I forget and leave it in the plane seat pocket there isn’t a loss because it isn’t great enough that I want to immediately share it with others.

SO – is all your reading serious reading or do you have your own airplane equivalent – and if so, what fall into that category?