I think we read for lots of reasons and I have read several books lately that have taught me things I didn’t know but occasionally I just like to read for pleasure – or sometimes just to pass the time when I am stuck with nothing else to do – hence the airplane comment.

So for me an airplane book is one that is pleasant enough to read so that it distracts me from being cramped in a small seat with someone snoring to my left but doesn’t require me to do any serious thinking and probably not much checking of words that I don’t know.

And when I am done, if I forget and leave it in the plane seat pocket there isn’t a loss because it isn’t great enough that I want to immediately share it with others.

SO – is all your reading serious reading or do you have your own airplane equivalent – and if so, what fall into that category?


2 thoughts on “AIRPLANE BOOKS

  1. I think of books like food–sometimes you want a steak and sometimes you want popcorn.
    A great example of my popcorn is Janet Evanovich–funny, with great characters and enough plot to keep you interested, but so much that you can’t doze off and miss a paragraph. I like the Fox and O’Hare series even better than Stephanie Plum. BTW, I think they limit the oxygen on planes to keep people stupid and docile.

    I misunderstood the category at first and thought of the book Girl Underwater by Claire Kells. DO NOT read this on a plane though, as a key event is a plane crash.

  2. I loved the Plum series at the beginning but it appeared to be getting tired and I haven’t read the last few. Will have to try the Fox and O’Hare. Not familiar with those but I am always looking for funny.

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