Actually is October NOW

Our first meeting of this group this fall is in just a couple of weeks.  I hope you are planning on joining us to share what you have been reading over the last few months and that you are thinking about what you’d like to read.

I got a list from University of St Thomas (I have a granddaughter there) of books that their professor has selected as the 10 most important American novels and it made me think that maybe we’d like to choose a classic for one of our monthly subjects.  Let me know what you think.  And if we did that, should we limit it to America or go world-wide?

Here’s the list with a few I haven’t read – are these familiar to you?

10. The Professor’s House, Willa Cather.

9. Beloved, Toni Morrison.

8. All the King’s Men, Robert Penn Warren.

7. Quicksand, Nella Larsen.

6. Tracks, Louise Erdrich.

5. The Bostonians, Henry James.

4. Daughter of Earth, Agnes Smedley; The Disinherited, Jack Conroy (tie).

3. The Awakening, Kate Chopin.

2. The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald.

1. Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison.


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