Two – count ’em – two book groups at the Maynard Library this week.

On Monday the Cookbook Club meets with our very topical apple cookbook – The Apple Lover’s Cookbook.  I can’t wait to try making the Pork and Apple Pie with Cheddar-Sage Crust. Our apple detective Carol has found 11 varieties of apple for our tasting – many of which I have never tried.  Going to be a great lunch.  What are you planning on making?

On Tuesday at 2:30 in the Trustees Room we will be starting our fall/winter session of Books and Bagels.  We’ll be talking about the books that we have read and loved or hated or were just very bored with since our last meeting.  AND we’ll be choosing topics for the rest of our series.  The only suggestion I have come up with is perhaps a month with the classics but I hope you have been thinking and will have some possibles. And – as always – there will be tea and cookies to help us with our serious considerations.

Hope to see everyone at both these groups.



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