How do you choose your mysteries?

On Tuesday, Dec 13 at 2:30 in the Trustees Room at the Maynard Library (77 Nason St) we’ll be talking about mysteries we have read and loved, enjoyed, hated, found frustrating….For many people the joy of mysteries is that they are often series which means that you can revisit old friends as you read.  That is fun but occasionally you’d like to branch out.  So how do you do that?  Do you depend on recommendations from friends, check out websites, browse library shelves and book stores?  Do you like to read books that have won awards?

Well – even that can be confusing.  A quick google of mystery awards brings up a list of 14 different awards for mysteries and thrillers.  Perhaps the best known are the Agatha Awards – given at Malice domestic, Ltd and focused on traditional mysteries; the Anthony Awards given at Bouchercon selected by attendees of the conference and the Edgar Awards given by the Mystery Writers of America.

You can see some of the other awards listed at

Even if you wanted to check out the big three there is still a lot to choose from since those awards are given for several categories – it just gets more complicated. Here are the three 2016 winners of best book of the year category

Agatha – Best Contemporary Novel – Long Upon the Land by Margaret Maron, Best Historical Novel – Dreaming Spies – Laurie King

Edgar – Best Novel – Let Me Die in His Footsteps – Lori Roy

Anthony – Best Novel – The Killing Kind – Chris Holm

Want to continue looking?  Here’s a website with lots of recommendations and information


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