Long Range Planning for our meetings

Here are the meeting dates with subjects selected for the next few months.

January 10 – when we’ll be talking about classics and as always we will define the category loosely.

February 14 – books about the Mideast (heart shaped cookies guaranteed)

March 14 – historical fiction – from the cave men to about 50 years ago (which puts history well within my life time)

April 11 – Great religions – this will be a new opportunity for me since I don’t think I have read any (well certainly not many) books in this category

We have in the past decided not to keep the group going once the weather beckons us outside but that was when we were meeting on Saturday morning when there is so much to do.  If we want to continue for a couple more months this year – on Tuesday afternoons – the next subjects on deck are non-fiction and biographies/memoirs (a special kind of non-fiction)



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