I think we read for lots of reasons and I have read several books lately that have taught me things I didn’t know but occasionally I just like to read for pleasure – or sometimes just to pass the time when I am stuck with nothing else to do – hence the airplane comment.

So for me an airplane book is one that is pleasant enough to read so that it distracts me from being cramped in a small seat with someone snoring to my left but doesn’t require me to do any serious thinking and probably not much checking of words that I don’t know.

And when I am done, if I forget and leave it in the plane seat pocket there isn’t a loss because it isn’t great enough that I want to immediately share it with others.

SO – is all your reading serious reading or do you have your own airplane equivalent – and if so, what fall into that category?


Where does the time go?

Don’t know about you but lots of mine is spent reading.


My favorite of the last few months is the sequel to Nobody’s Fool by Richard RussoEverybody’s Fool.  He is one of my favorite authors and I really enjoyed this trip back in time.

I have also become a big fan of Fredrik Backman and his latest Britt-Marie was Here was much enjoyed.  And liked Helen Simonson’s new title The Summer Before the War – she is the author of Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand which I loved and this one is a bit more complex but has some great characters and gives you an interesting look at a particular place in England in the summer before WWI.

Read a really interesting non-fiction book about corpse dogs – not what you think – they find them called What the Dog Knows by Cat Warren.

Enjoyed Elly Griffiths latest – The Woman in Blue and found a new mystery author – David Taylor that I really like – his first was Night Life.  I am looking forward to the next one.  Also enjoyed The Promise by Robert Crais – made me wonder why I don’t read more of his.

And finally got around to Chance Harbor by Holly Robinson and liked this one as well as her others.  Looking forward to seeing her in the fall with a new book.

SO – how about you.  What book have you found that you couldn’t put down?

So many new books

but don’t forget the older ones.

Celebrating 100 Years of Pulitzer Prize-Winning Fiction

Each April, since 1917, the Pulitzer Prize exalts some of the highest achievements in journalism and the arts. For the fiction award, the committee honors a piece of distinguished fiction by an American author, preferably dealing with American life, published the previous year. His Family by Ernest Poole was the first book to ever receive the award. This year, the prize is celebrating its centennial. –



Me Again

For me,  the next best thing to hearing an author talk about their work is reading comments from authors about their work.  There are a number of authors who have blogs and there are groups of authors who share blogs.  Because I am a mystery fan two of my favorites of these are Maine Crime Writers  and Jungle Red Writers.

This morning Katherine Hall Page writes about her new book which takes her characters to a new location on Maine Crime Writers.


And by coincidence (or not) Katherine is also heavily mentioned as the editor of a short short anthology Malice Domestic: Murder Most Conventional on Jungle Red Writers today. Malice is the annual conference that honors and celebrates the authors of traditional mysteries (sometimes called cozies but Katherine doesn’t approve of that designation)

And I should be clear – frequently the authors contributing to these blogs aren’t writing about their books – they are sharing recipes, wondering what kind of hat everyone wears, fussing about the publishing business or sharing happy news.  But they are interesting people – which no doubt makes their books interesting.


Opportunities to talk about books abound

Just saw this notice from Bullfinch Restaurant in Sudbury –

begins Monday, April 11th
6:00 – 7:30
For this very first get together, we can discuss what we are currently reading, what our favorite recent books is,what kinds of books we like to read and how we would like to proceed
If you are planning on attending, please give us a call so that we have an idea of how many are coming….

purchasing food and drink during the meeting is not required, but all menus will be available if you would like.
Meeting the second MONDAY of each month